The Greener By The Day 2015 Calendar provides monthly challenges encouraging everyday Australians to reduce their carbon footprint.

Resources have been collated for each month to achieve success in each area. By addressing one area of sustainability one month at a time it is hoped that Australians will have time to gather resources, find alternative products, make new choices and develop routines to become 'greener'. The Greener By The Day Calendar can be used as a tool to encourage and develop long term changes in everyday lifestyle choices; changes that will benefit our own personal, environmental, local and global community wellbeing.

So during 2015 join with a family member, colleague, sports or church group to work together. Share resources and success stories on the Greener By The Day Blog. Encourage one another to be effective in making a positive impact on our planet – the land, plants, animals, trees and our people!

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Listen to The Sustainability Show on 3MDR; 40 minutes into the program!

Want to become more sustainable but don't know where to start?

Broken down into monthly topics, the 2015 Greener By The Day Calendar highlights changes we can make to become more sustainable.
Start learning to live a more sustainable lifestyle, one day at a time, by purchasing a copy of the 2015 Greener By The Day Calendar.