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A Quick Tip from Jump Start January

Oct 17, 2014

redcycle.jpgJane is a good friend of mine from work. We often talk about our veggie patches at home and swap growing tips and food from our gardens.

Jane regularly visits the Queen Vic Market in Melbourne for her grocery shopping as she likes to purchase local produce.

One day she told me about the Redcycle Program. The Redcycle Program takes our empty packaging, such as bread bags and confectionary packets, and turns them into outdoor furniture. What a great idea!

Now at home I have 4 bins - a waste bin, a compost bin, a recycle bin and a redcycle bin. I take my redcycle plastic to a participating outlet once every 2 weeks or so. This simple tip helps keep waste out of landfill! These days I might not even need to take my garbage bin out the front of my home on bin night as I don't have any rubbish.

Jump Start January provides more simple sustainability hints and tips that individuals and families can complete at household level.

Visit Redcycle Program website »

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